Writers Assessment

RunMyResearch.com is dedicated to giving quality service to its clients and when we add people to our team we expect that these persons will help us to continue to build that image.

We go through the Curriculum Vitae sent to us and make selections based on our unique requirements and then task the selected Candidates with any these two task which is a part of the selection process. we know fully well that you must have distinguished yourself in your academics to be selected but the specific job for which you are being selected would require that you distinguish yourself in the field of Academic Research writing.

Note: you are only tasked with one of these tests. Please check the email containing the link to this page under the part titled assessment to confirm what you where asked to do.

Test 1:

Write five articles about research project writing challenges encountered by undergraduates and post-graduates writing a research in your field for example: challenges of choosing a research topic in mass communication” of study and give tips on overcoming this challenges

If successful you will be Given a placement on our research team on probation.

Note: a plagiarized article would not be considered.

Article format: this article should be written in British English, 400+ words,the article should be written as a guide and the article should be written in words or PDF format and sent to Info@runmyresearch.com not later than 4 days after you are sent a mail containing the link to this page.


Good luck!

You will enjoy the time spent with us. We won’t ask you to work hard, you will love to work hard.

Please contact us via this email for any further information or enquiries. Info@runmyresearch.com

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