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Registering on RunMyResearch.com gives you access to these services:

1. Researchers Support Forum: This is where our users communicate directly with our researchers on various  research topics. most of the research topics on the forum are research topics that we have either worked on in the past or topics that we are presently working on.

The forum provides our clients with a platform to air their view on a research topic and make suggestions or seek for the advice of our experienced researchers. when a client purchase a research package from our platform we always recommend that they sign-up on our support forum to get fast and easy access to our researchers. we create a forum channel for every new topic where a researcher and the client can discuss all developments related to the research in question.

2. Researchers Profile: we work with very professional individuals to get the unique results that we are known for. that is why we have incorporated a researchers profile page to our platform to ensure that our researchers get the exposure that they deserve even on our platform.

3. Guide of Editors: all our researchers by default are editors on our platform. researchers are urged to send their supervisors a text message after completing their user registration so they will be added to our Guide of Editors. being an editor you are expected to publish academic research related articles that would fulfill any of these requirements:

  1. Educate students of higher institution that are about to embark on their final year research project, Post Graduate Diploma Research Project, Msc/Mart Research Project, Phd Papers, Academic Journals and Academic presentations.
  2. Provide Students with useful information about research writing.
  3. Explain a particular research area or write a detailed description about a particular research topic.
  4. solve a challenging research problem.

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