Writers Terms of Engagement

The following terms and conditions will oversee our engagement with our Freelance and Full-Time writers. This body of terms and conditions is aimed at enforcing best practice and sustainability.  

Researchers Terms of Service

The following rules will guide our engagements with writers (Freelance and Full-time). It is therefore deemed that you have gone through and accepted the following terms before making your services available to RunMyResearch


  1. RunMyResearch holds the copyright to every material and intellectual property written on its behalf by its writers, either freelance or full-time.
  2. RunMyResearch encourages its writers to compose original and plagiarism free papers, therefore it will not commit itself to materials that are (after careful observation) deemed to be plagiarized or heavily dubbed and rephrased. If for any reason such materials gets to a client and cause any form of damages to the clients career, academic pursuit or personal reputation, RunMyResearch holds the right to sanction such a writer with instruments available to its control and will publish a disclaimer and disownment with the name and image of the writer on a publicly available platform and on its own platforms.

Quality & Originality

  1. RunMyResearch will consider submitted plagiarized materials as a willful attempt to defraud its clients and will not suffer its clients to fall victim to such fraudulent services.
  2. RunMyResearch believes writers are to maintain a very professional outlook in the discharge of their services and will continually consider its best writers first before writers whose work will require rigorous and exhausting screening and corrections.
  3. RunMyResearch will not make any form of payment and holds the right to discontinue its relationship with writers whose written work continue to fall below the following criteria’s:
  • Score a single figure plagiarism and similarity index score.
  • Meet up with proper sentence construction and grammatical standard as should be expected from a writer.
  • Poor and out of point statistical data and analysis.
  • Outdated and obsolete references.
  • Poorly structured referencing style.
  • False survey data (where the writer was asked to source for field data for the research).
  • Referencing of false or nonexistent materials.

Memorandum of Understanding

RunMyResearch and its writers share this common understanding.

  1. We do not owe you until your written material is deemed to have met the standards listed above.
  2. A writer is responsible for changes, corrections and adjustment related to his/her written work.
  3. Where a researcher was unable to implement such changes or does so outside the scheduled time, he/she will be deemed to have forfeited 50% pay for the written work to any other writer that will be engaged to make those changes.
  4. A researcher that is unable to meet a deadline should report this within a minimum of 4 days.
  5. Submission after a deadline without permission will not be considered or accepted.
  6. Researchers are to acknowledge receipt and acceptance of a new job profile within 6 hours as such a job might be re-assigned without their notice.
  7. Researchers are to avoid jobs outside their intellectual capacity.

The Website/Blog post

  1. Researchers are required to maintain an active blog account on RunMyResearch and update it regularly with articles, tips and guides on research challenges and best practices( please view past blog posts for example on the website)
  2. Researchers who post often (6 post minimum monthly) will enjoy special consideration during job allocation.
  3. Upload of completed materials will now be carried out using the upload form on the website.

 Note: We will continually update the following terms in line with our bid to build a world class writing services provider.

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