Requirements for payment refund.

To ensure that our customers are only charged for services they have received, we have in place a refund policy.
A refund request should fit into one or two of the following scenarios:
  • Incomplete Research work: we will only charge you for what we have written for you, so if for any reason your research work was not completed then you won’t have to pay the full bill, and if you have paid the full bill already, the part that covers the unwritten part(as stated in the payment invoice sent to you) will be refunded within 48 hours from when the complaint is received(please note that a complete work under review is not entitled to a refund if a client chooses to withdraw from our services).
  • Payment made for canceled research project or topic: if within “5 days” after making payment for your research, the research was cancelled by authorities in your institution or organization. You are eligible to 80% refund of your total research fee. And the part of your research already worked on by our researchers will be sent to you by mail.
  • Withdrawal of service: if a customer is in breach of our terms of service and we withdraw our services from the customer, that customer is entitled to a refund of payment for the remaining part of his or her research.
  • Act of God: we pay refunds to family members of our deceased customers(if this happens while the work was ongoing) if they request for it. The percentage of funds to be refunded will be determined by the level of work done compared to the level of work left to be done.
For more information please visit our terms of service page or contact


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