8th February 2017

Payment Methods

Once you have filled the Request form we will contact you within a period of 12 hours with the cost of your research and a guide on how to use our support forum to track the progress of your research and to communicate with the research writer assigned to your job.

Once we have agreed on price and deadline and you are ready to make payment we will send you an invoice containing our Bank Details, your Customer ID(to be used for tracking your research in our support forum), and your payment status.

sample invoice image

sample invoice image

this is a sample of our payment invoice.

After receiving this invoice you can proceed to make an initial payment of not less than 50% of the agreed price. your invoice will be updated and resent to you containing your new payment status and a link to your personal support thread to keep track of your work and to communicate with the researcher assigned to you will be sent to you via email,watsapp or sms message.

After making your initial payment you can proceed to your support thread to keep track of your work and also to reach your researcher. from this phase you will be sent the download links to download your chapter 1-3.

To get the rest of the research work you will be asked to pay full balance of the remaining cost. once this is done the rest of your research work will be sent to you and you can still come back to us for free reviews and revision within a period of 30 days.