Payment Methods

Fill the research request form and check your email for a notification from us. inside your email notification you will get a link to our price-list for undergraduate and  post-graduate research writing service.

To accommodate our wide range of customers we have put together several price packages that you may want to select from, for your research. visit the link on the email sent to you after filling this form  for more information about our prices.

Note: 1. Our price list is only sent to those who have filled the request form.

  2. Check your email’s spam folder if you are unable to find the email in your inbox.

Making Payments:

  1. Payments can be made here  RunMyResearch Payment Page
  2. Payments can also be made directly from the price-list page which can be accessed from the email we sent to you after filling the request form
  3. To make a manual request for our services, you can call us directly, text us or send us a whatsapp message.

after payment send us a message containing the depositor’s name and the last four digit of your debit card

for payment confirmation call this 24/7 line: 0708-449-1883, 0810-066-1236

after payment confirmation your receipt will be sent to your email or through whatsapp and work will commence immediately to  meet your desired deadline.