Our Terms of Service

Payments and Research Terms

Definition of Terms

For the purpose of this document, the words listed below should be interpreted within this specified context.

  • “we”, “our” and “website” refer to https://runmyresearch.com which is owned and managed by Zukitech ICT Solutions registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.
  • Researcher and Researchers refers to professionals contracted by Zukitech ICT Solutions to provide research support services to clients of RunMyResearch.com
  • Products: Any reference to “product” in this material refer to the services we offer to our customers. visit our “about us” page to see our services.

Your use of this Web site constitutes your agreement with the terms and conditions as stated below. If you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, do not use this Website.

We only start writing or working on a client’s research after a percentage ( depending on your chosen price package ) of the total cost  of service is paid. This is to prevent the efforts of our researchers from getting wasted.

If a client intends to change a research topic after we have started work on a previously agreed topic, this might attract extra charges and a change in the delivery date.

we do not have the right to recall a material from a customers once all payments requirements have been fulfilled. 

The number of reviews associated with your paper will be determined by your price choice.

Clients of RunMyResearch.com are fully responsible for how they use the materials or services rendered to them from this website. We do not encourage the use of our materials for illegal or unlawful purposes but we are not responsible for how our clients use our materials once it is delivered to them

we continually update our Terms to meet up with standard practice and operational realities.

Support Forum Terms

Note:Please try to abide by these very simple rules and terms of use when making use of our support forum:

1. Do not post your personal information here. phone numbers, contact details, facebook username, your full name. Please do not post it here as the management of Runmyresearch have put in place a strict law to protect the anonymity of its clients and posting any of your personal details here would warrant a cancellation of our agreement without refunds.

2. Do not try to negotiate backdoor deals with the researcher assigned to your work. This is illegal and against the terms of RunMyResearch.com such an action would also warrant a cancellation of any of our standing agreement without refunds.

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