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RunMyResearch.com provides Undergraduate & Post Graduate students of Higher Institutions and Organizations with professional writing services for Final year projects, Post Graduate thesis, Assignments, Data Analysis, Surveys, Business plan and other custom writing services.

We boast of clients from very reputable institutions from different parts of the world and that is why we rely on a vast network of diligent professionals with expertise in educational writing and data analysis.

How we work

Step 1:

You can request for our services either through:

  1. You can request for any of our services on these pages:
  2. Direct phone call to +2347084491883, +2348100661236
  3. E-mail request to info@runmyresearch.com
  4. Whatsapp message +2347084491883
  5. Telegram http://t.me/runmyresearch
  6. SMS message to any of the above numbers.

Step 2

You will  be referred to our price page after you have requested for our services through any of the methods listed above. Our prices are affordable and payments can be flexible.

Just request for our services through any of the above platforms and you will be redirected to a list of our prices or you will be sent a link to our price page; from where you can select a particular payment plan and make your initial payment according to your preferred payment plan and payment method.

We will contact within 20 minutes to confirm your payment and to discuss your deadline or any further detail related to the job before commencing work.

Step 3

Once we commence your work we encourage that you keep us updated on any changes to the work recommended by your lecturer, supervisor or any form of superior authority connected with the work. This is to ensure our work meets the exact expectations and recommendations of your instructors.

Step 4

Once we send you a completed work please go through the work to ensure that It is in line with your requirement and to also familiarize yourself with its main point to adequately prepare yourself for your defense or presentation on the topic. We will work closely with you to ensure that you get the very best out of your research project/thesis, assignment, term paper or presentation.

Our services are quite easy and straight forward to access and our close knit customer relationship policy will ensure that the research process remains educative and exciting for you as we always try to do all we can to ensure that you are carried along.

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