You are in your finals, you have just been assigned to your research project supervisor and you are in search of a research project topic in computer science so you can commence the research but there seem to be just too many areas of interest to choose from and you are finding it hard to choose what you want to focus your research or the problem that you would want your research to solve.

Hold on, I know how you feel and i have been in the same situation too, it can be sometimes confusing and hectic to decide on a Research Project Topic in Computer Science because without listing out the specific areas of interest to choose from it may be very difficult to pin point a single area of interest to write on.


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you can base your Computer Science Research on any of these areas of interest:

  • Programming and software development
  • Web Development and Web Design
  • Data Structures and Functional Programming
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence                                                                                                                                            hints: foundations of artificial intelligence, Effects of artificial intelligence on Online marketing,practical application of artificial intelligence, knowledge representation systems, genetic algorithms, automated reasoning, automated problem solving, machine learning, autonomous robots, proposals for a robot based work force, human robot interaction, quantom information processing, robot learning, 3D perception etc.
  • Database Systems and Database Management
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Graphics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cryptography
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Crowd Sourcing and Human Computation
  • Security and Privacy
  • Android Applications development
  • Computational Techniques for Analyzing Clinical Data
  • Health Tech, Data and Systems,
  • Computational Sustainability

All this are very interesting areas of interest but you still have to apply them to solve existing problems at home in order for you not write a research that have no bearing with reality and the best way to do that is to look for problems around you that can be easily solved using a computer based innovation, once you able to figure out the solution to a problem around you, using computer science then you can come up with a topic from there, but make sure you avoid boring outdated or overused topics because the field of computer science is a ever evolving one and a topic that may seem to be relevant last year may become very irrelevant this year due to the constant upgrades and innovations that comes up everyday.

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                                                              HIRE OUR EXPERTS TO WRITE YOUR ACADEMIC RESEARCH

The next phase is to source for materials related to the topic.In this era of the internet and search engines getting materials for any topic of your choice would seem like a walk in the park but that’s not true. to get the best materials for your research from the internet you may have to register and subscribe to some subscription based educational websites such as the ones I listed here:


The most important thing to remember when choosing a research topic is that you must be able to proffer a solution to a problem at the end of the research.