Choosing an Undergraduate Research Project Topic in Mass CommunicationThe first step in writing an undergraduate research project in Mass Communication or any other field is to identify your area of interest. For instance an undergraduate research project topic in mass communication must either fall under the following areas of specialization:

An undergraduate research project topic in mass communication must fall under one of these areas mentioned above. Knowing which of these areas that your topic fall into would help you write a more specific and a better defined research project without much difficulty or ambiguity.

Gathering the needed material relating to your undergraduate research project topic in mass communication is the next phase once you have a topic. There are a lot of publications both online and in offline libraries that would help you through the process of writing your undergraduate research project in Mass communication.  Gather as many publications as you can related to your topic for example if your topic is: the effectiveness of radio advertisement and broadcast of Christian programs and events on the growth of a church, then you should visit known churches around that have placed advertisement on radio in the period within your scope of study and collect statistics on how such radio broadcast impacted on attendance of church events that were broadcasted compared to the ones that was not aired on radio.

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from this example you can see that while gathering materials to write a good undergraduate research project in mass communication you must be smart, innovative and you must think outside the box, don’t just sit down wasting your time in a library when you can get very tangible primary materials out there by visiting the archives of broadcast stations, visiting online libraries and getting information from the public and authority figures. The only thing that would set your work apart from others that spent their time sitting in the university libraries going through old books that have obsolete and non-practicable information is that your research will be filled with recent and up to date information. However one must ensure that the materials used are related to the topic.


A research project is expected to identify a particular problem and /challenge and it is also expected that a good research work should proffer a solution to the identified problem. For example consider the topic “Private broadcast stations management in Nigeria: challenges and prospects” this topics seeks to investigate the challenges in private broadcast(Radio&TV) stations in Nigeria and how these challenges can be tackled. It is expected that at the end of the above research, challenges bedeviling private broadcast stations management especially In Nigeria will be identified, discussed in details and in conclusion the researcher must suggest ways that such challenges can be overcome