This work studied an existing investors and Nigeria Financial Market.

In undertaking this research, three research objectives were pursued.  Primary and Secondary Sources of data were used, the data collected were then presented, analyzed and interpreted by the use of tabular method of data presentation.

The primary source contained direct account of event to phenomena such accounts are obtained from observation, interviews and questionnaire source at the various locations of the data.  The data are made up of information that was generated specifically for this study so as to gain our insight into the research topic and confer as much authenticity as possible to this task.

The secondary data were in existence before the need to conduct this research topic. The sources of data collected under this category include: Newspapers and magazine, Journals, textbooks.  This collection helped to reveal the transaction or relationship of the financial market and investors.

From the response gotten from the sampled frame in the questionnaires one will clearly see that both companies are a million miles away form the risk seeking class of investors.  Some of the investors prefer the risk aversion class while other prefer the risk neutralizing classing.  But from the Hypotheses test, it could be inferred that there is no significant relationship between the risk class, an investor belong and the profitability return on investment,

The study also revealed that the company has been able to turn up to the expectation of the people.


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