The aim of this project is to aid the roles of middlemen in beverages industries. This project presented the roles importance and techniques of middlemen in beverages industries.

Moreover, the goal is to know how the middlemen operate in the industries and why middlemen are in existence. For more understanding analysis is made for those that want more information about middlemen and how their roles can be improved in the business world.



The middlemen is the link between the manufacturer and the retailer. His purpose is to bring the one into contact with the other, either directly or indirectly, to facilitate the distribution of manufactured goods he is not, as some erroneously believe, a new comer or the result of twentieth century method of mass production the middlemen has been with us since the dawn of commerce. He preterm a definite and necessary function in the field of selling.

Retailers depend upon him to full their orders while manufacturer depend upon him to secure buyer for their products.

There are a number of ways in which manufacturers are retailers are kept in touch with each other consequently middlemen are classified according to the particular methods of contact which they employ. There are commission merchants. Brokers, manufacturers representative or sales agents.

The clear and comprehensive details of the study of this research work will make the existing organization and those planning to set-up to have a thought knowledge and better understanding of the important role the middlemen performs in the marketing of beverage in the bottling industry.

Therefore, the whole research work is divided into five chapter.

Chapter 1: Introduction, Statement of problem, Objective of the research, Rationale for the study, Scope of research, Historical background of the subject matter, Organisation Structure and limitation of study.

Chapter 3: Research methodology, Research design, Population samples and sampling techniques and Data collection.

Chapter 4: Data presentation, Data analysis and Report findings.

Chapter 5: Summary of findings, Recommendation, Conclusion, Appendix and Bibliography.



  • Title page
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Proposal
  • Table of content


1.1     Introduction

1.2     Objective of the Research

1.3     Statement of problems

1.4     Rationale for the study

1.5     Scope of research

1.6     Research question

1.7     Definition of terms

1.8     Historical background of Nigerian Bottling Company

1.9     Organization structure of Nigeria Bottling company


2.0     Management of marketing intermediaries

2.1     Marketing intermediaries and function marketing

2.2     Why the use of intermediaries

2.3     The problems of middlemen in marketing

2.4     The business of hoarding in marketing

2.5     The meaning of distribution in marketing

2.6     The problems facing distribution in marketing

2.7     The components of distribution

2.8     Physical distribution and business logistics

2.9     The meaning of retailer in marketing

2.10   Types of retailer in marketing retailers

2.11   The function of retailing in marketing

2.12   The meaning of wholesaler in marketing

2.13   The types of wholesales in marketing

2.14   Role performed by the agent middle in marketing


3.0     Methodology

3.1     Research design

3.2     Population samples and sampling techniques

3.3     Data collection


4.1     Presentation of Data

4.2     Analysis of data collected

4.3     Reporting finding


5.1     Summary of findings observation

5.2     Recommendation

5.3     Conclusion




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