The Impact of effective credit Documentation in commercial banks. The level and Magnitude of credit Mis-management has continued to increase in the financial system at an alarming rate, and very soon, the banks capacity to perform it’s traditional function of financial intermediation will be impaired and obviously, the real section of the economy will be adversely affected.  It is in view of this fact that the need for this research exercise arose, taking a through look into the scene of “portfolio management problems in commercial Banks” with first bank Plc Kaduna branch as case stitches. The research exercise states from chapter one with the statement of general problems, objectives, significant, scope limitation and delimitations, definition of terms, historical background of first bank and it’s organizational structure. Chapter two being the literature review dealt with issues like functions/debt management concept, etc. the central banks production guide lines for license banks also outline. chapter  three (research methodology) discussed research methods with particular emphasis on the method employed for this research exercise these methods employed were also justified. Chapter four data presentation and methodology presents some adverse effect of credit mis-management, also the analysis of response gotten from the respondents sampled out for the purpose of this research exercise. Lastly, chapter five shows the whole event in summary form then concluded by mentioning the various recommendations on how to improve on credit management in commercial banks


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