In modern society, economic prosperity and progress depend largely on the quality of leadership. This is true of nation states as it is of individuals or generate among policy makers, corporate executives and investors are largely justified. Leadership is very essential in an organization because achievements and results occur corollary to the traits being projected by the leader. The major aim of every organization is to grow. The relationship between the management and employees has a great impact to that effect. Employees will be expecting to earn higher so as to sustain their living while the management will be expecting employee to work had so as to see that the objectives of the organization is realized. Organizational behaviour is more or less a pure psychology attached to the institutional companies and applicable to achieve organisational goals. It constitutes the activities of an organisation that can be observed by another organisation or by experimental instruments. The research work will focus on the leadership and effects of leadership style, appraisal and organisational behaviour of management and employees. The work is made up of five chapters. In the first chapter we will discuss about the general ideas of leadership, organisational behaviour and its effects on management and employee. In the second chapter we shall look into the literature review, we shall look into various authors who have researched on the leadership styles, appraisal and organisational behaviour of management and employees. In chapter three, we will present research methodology while chapter four will be presentation of data analysis. We shall also interpret the data and test the hypothesis and finally, chapter five will be summaries, findings and recommendation.




Leadership is a process in which a leader attempts to influence his or her followers to establish and accomplish a goal or goals.


The capacity to lead others: command, lead.

An act or instance of guiding: direction, guidance, lead, management.

Leadership is the process through which an individual tries to influence another individual or a group of individuals to accomplish a goal. Leadership is valued in our culture, especially when it helps to achieve goals that are beneficial to the population, such as the enactment of effective preventive health policies. An individual with leadership qualities can also improve an organization and the individuals in it, whether it be a teacher who works to get better teaching materials and after school programs or an employee who develops new ideas and products and influences others to invest in them.

Leadership can be exhibited in a variety of ways and circumstances. Mothers and fathers show leadership in raising their children with good values and.

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