This chapter deals with the introductory aspect of the purpose of the study objectives of the study, research questions methodology scope of the study limitation of the study, definition of key terms.

The historical background of the company in which headquarter was chosen as the case study and the source will be from either the managing director or General manager and the organization chart will be examined


This chapter entails literature review on the topic of an overview of the company management   development how the impact of training and development fell on the staff performance in the business organization need for training and development training method and types of problems in management and its limitation that affect managerial development . Moreover evaluating evolution of training and development programme to doctrine its effectiveness performance rating and how it is measure basis on training needs assessment in organization and the important measuring performance after training and development in business organization.


The research methodology will be focused, sources of data and methods of data collection with sampling procedure and sample design method of analysis the study population  staff questionnaire and administration of questionnaire rationale will be highlighted.


In this chapter preservation analysis and interpretation of data will follow immediately at the bottom of the table, such as introduction analysis of data presentation of data and test of questionnaire.


This is the summary of major findings of all other chapters. It will give constructive and helpful recommendation to the officers in charge of Nigeria Bottling Company.

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