1.1                               INTRODUCTION

In various country today, especially in Nigeria most organization need to improve their work force human resources are recognized as employee’s that gathered effort so as to achieve the cooperate goal of an organization so it has become glaring from observation that human resources is more important of all resources in any organization.

Human resources management also involves in improving and developing condition of the organization so as to enhance the production of goods and services.

1.2                       OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

What justifies the continuous existence of an organization is the achievement of it set goal and study and objective the study will specifically identifies the ways in which human resources can be effectively managed is an organization with particular  reference to our case study.

It will also find out the relationship between human resources management and productivity of labouring in the Nigeria manufacturing sub sector.

1.3                        JUSTIFICATION OF THE STUDY

v    This will also help to clarify the low productivity arises as a result of

ineffective management of labour force.

v    It will also allow for better selection of employee’s manufacturing sub


v    It will help the manufacturing sub sector to determine the better method

of motivation the employee’s.

1.4                       HYPOTHESIS

v      The human resources factors contribute the large portion in production.

v      There is no positive relationship between qualities of merchandise

offered and store loyalty among customer.

v      The success of an organization lays greatly efficient personnel


1.5                      SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The work limited to the manufacturing sector only this explain why it is limited applicability to the other sector of the economy. Also labour productivity is impaired and not total productivity.


The method of data analysis employed in this study is correlation co-efficient supported by the use of ratios and percentages while the data relevant to the study are sources through the administration of the questionnaire and personnel interview.

Establishment and ministry of employment and labour productivity, federal office of statistic.


Due to the secrecy of the official effect of the quality and quantity of information of the study used.

This is due to some of the official are not willing to disclose all needed information on the study. We only make use of the available information top draw the conclusion also with the use of the available correlation co-efficient we find it difficult to determine which of the two variables are dependent and independent human resources or Labour productivity as to a signification extent. Productivity also affects the quality and quantity of human resources management.


Chapter one of this study consist introduction, objectives of the study, hypothesis, scope of the study and it brief the history of the FAN MILK PLC, methodology and sources of data. Chapter two deals with literature review and some of work relevant to the study of keys of word principles of management, roles of management in a organization, motivation human resources management productivity in Nigeria companies of the study. The chapter three carried out the data of presentation types and instrument for data collection, subjects and the population of the study. Chapter four touch about data analysis and reporting the last one which is chapter five talks and covers the area of observation, summary, conclusion and recommendation of the study.

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