Motivation is a scientific process, employed by the management of an organization to boost the productivity of staffs in the organization with the aim of achieving organizational goal and objectives. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the impact of motivation on employee’s performance in Skye Bank as a major problem in Nigeria business organization. The study investigated the major problems militating against the company when they fail to motivate their staffs. For instance performance appraisal, promotion of staffs, weekly allowance, granting staffs leave, and increment in staff salaries. From the information available to the researcher, the following recommendations were done. The company should motivate their staffs to boost productivity in the organization. The company should provide welfare packages for their staffs. The company should set up committee that will be taking care of the staff’s social needs. Finally if the motivation is to improve Nigeria business and other organization in Nigeria, it should be made a legal requirement well articulated in the company’s article of association.




All organization is concerned with what should be done to achieve and to sustain high level of performance through people. This means giving close attention to how individuals can be best motivated through such means of incentives, leadership, and importantly the work they do and organization context within which they carry out that work.

Unfortunately in some organization today, approaches to motivation are too often under pinned by simplistic assumptions on how it works.

The process of motivation is much more complex than many people believe. People have different needs, establish different goals to satisfy those needs and take different actions to achieve those goals. It is wrong to assume that one approach to motivation fits all. That is why the assumption underlying believes in the virtues of performance related pay as a means of providing a motivational incentive are simplistic.

However, motivation can be defined as a scientific approach, employed by the management of an organization to boost staff productivity. Motivation can be described as goals directed behavior. Motivating other people is about getting them to….