Branch (1975;12) was of the view that productivity means the continuing improvement of the firm management performance in the use of resources and though the operations it is conducted.

However the purpose of this work highlights those factors responsible for low productivity among Nigerian workers. The research tends to focus on those means that will be applied to get workers committed to tier work using effective national tool to enhance and increase productivity level of the public organization “power holding company of Nigeria” as the study. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources, the analysis of the research brought out a population size used to determine the basis for the information gathered and analyzed.

The use of percentage help to further the test of the data analyzed. The findings of the research observed by the help of questionnaires and interviews embarked upon as the factors responsible for the low productivity of Nigerian workers.





The issue of low productivity of Nigeria workers has in recent years been a matter of great concern to the nation. The rate at which productivity grows is influenced by two things: –

(i)                The rate of society’s demand and the rate of inflation.

Increased productivity is very vital for the health of the country because it will help to improve the conditions of the environment, enhance security and improve the standard and quality of life of the citizens. This is why David Ricardo in his study of population said that food needs to grow at a geometrical rate in order to meet the demand of the growing population. This emphasizes the need for increased productivity.

YusufT.M. (1962:50) was of the view that productivity can be defined as the ratio between output and all the resources used in production i.e. capital, labour, raw materials etc. the most efficient use of all available resources. With these definitions; One may ask why is the Nigeria worker inherently characterized by low-productivity in spite of all government’s efforts to improve the economy and the ever increasing need for improved productivity? The answer to this disturbing question is vital and will be answered and discussed in this study.

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