This research project tends to evaluate the impact of supervision and control of the Central Bank on the performance of commercial banks. Access Bank Nig Plc Lagos Branch was used as the case study. To aid this research both primary and secondary data were collected. The instruments used to collect data are questionnaires and oral interviews. The respondents comprised of male and female from the bank and the population put together is 150 and sample size is 109. The research design used for this work is the survey research method. In the course of this research the researcher found out that supervisory and control functions when conducted on a timely and unbiased manner ensures capital adequacy, high standard of conduct, moderation of bank charges and profitability. The researcher recommends that bank inspections should continue to be regular and timely enough; control measures of the CBN should not be too stringent as to have long negative impact on banking operations. Finally only competent, skilled and unbiased bank examiners should be engaged in bank supervision.




The roles of commercial banks play in the process of economic development in every country are crucial. They through financial intermediation increase the levels of national savings and investments by mobilising idle funds from surplus spending units (savers) and channel them to deficit spending units(borrowers) for

investments in the economy .                  (UGBAJA 1999)

By playing these roles within a particular country, the independence of global economics created the need for global interbanking, a trend which in turn emphasizes the need for the stability of the banks involved in intercontinental banking transactions.

Also, banking business carries a lot of risks and banking public needs assurance about the safety of their confidence in the banking institutions.

The need for supervision and control of commercial banks activities is to ensure that they adhere to the stipulated monetary policies, rules and regulations as well….

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